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Whale Supersub Smart Auto Bilge Pump 650GPH - 12V - No Float Switch Needed

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Whale Supersub Smart Auto Bilge Pump 650GPH 12V - No Float Switch Needed

Discover the Whale Supersub Smart Auto Bilge Pump 650GPH, an intelligent and efficient solution for bilge water management that eliminates the need for a float switch. Designed for narrow bilges and confined spaces, this low-profile electric bilge pump offers high performance, easy installation, and automatic operation, making it a top choice for boat owners.

Key Features:

Easy Installation: Installing this pump is straightforward, even in tight spaces. It provides high-performance water removal, ensuring your boat stays dry with minimal effort.

Compact Design: The Supersub Smart 650GPH fits seamlessly into narrow bilges or limited space areas, making it versatile for various boat sizes and configurations.

Multi-Position Outputs: Easily rotate the outputs to match your specific installation requirements, allowing for a customized setup tailored to your boat's needs.

Automatic Operation: This bilge pump operates automatically, eliminating the need for a float switch. It activates when required, ensuring your boat remains dry without manual intervention.


  • Brand: Whale
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Size: L240mm x W55mm x H54mm
  • Max Current Draw: 5 amps

Upgrade your boat's bilge water management with the Whale Supersub Smart Auto Bilge Pump 650GPH. Its intelligent design, compact size, and automatic operation make it a smart choice for boat owners who value efficient and hassle-free water removal. Whether you're navigating tight spaces or open waters, the Supersub Smart 650GPH has you covered. Say goodbye to the hassle of float switches and manual bilge pumping—install the Supersub Smart 650GPH and enjoy a dry and worry-free boating experience.

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