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Shore Support Plug 16 amp or 32 amp

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Shore Support Plug - Reliable and Resilient Electrical Connection

When it comes to connecting your boat or equipment to shore power, a reliable plug is essential. The Shore Support Plug, supplied by Gewiss, offers the dependability and durability you need for a secure electrical connection.

Key Features:

IP44 Rated: This plug boasts an impressive IP44 rating, providing protection against dust and splashing water. It's suitable for use in challenging environments, ensuring your electrical connection remains secure.

Mechanical Stress Resistance: Designed to withstand mechanical stress, this plug is built to last. It can handle the demands of marine and industrial settings, providing a dependable connection.

Two-Pin + Earth Configuration: With a two-pin plus earth configuration, this plug is suitable for 230-volt applications. It ensures safe and efficient power transfer.

Nickel Plated Contacts: The contacts are nickel plated, enhancing their conductivity and resistance to corrosion. This helps maintain a consistent and reliable electrical connection.

Color-Coded Terminals: The terminals are color-coded for easy and accurate wiring, reducing the risk of wiring errors during installation.

Captive Glands: The plug features captive glands that securely clamp onto the cable, providing strain relief and preventing cable damage.

Terminal Clamping Capacity: It can accommodate flexible cables ranging from 1mm² to 2.5mm² and rigid cables from 1.5mm² to 4mm², offering versatility for different cable types.

Halogen-Free Construction: The plug is constructed with halogen-free materials, making it safer for both people and the environment.

Whether you're connecting your boat to shore power or ensuring a reliable electrical connection for your equipment, the Shore Support Plug is a dependable choice. Its robust construction, IP44 rating, and user-friendly features make it an excellent option for marine and industrial applications. Count on this plug for secure and efficient power transfer

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