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Pearson Guide Welsh Waters

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Welsh Waters barely merits an introduction, but four decades on from its introduction, it’s surely worth pointing out that the 11th edition boasts 160 pages as opposed to the original’s 48, and what’s more it’s half the price in real terms! But, as one hire base owner infamously pointed out: ‘Pearson’s are always going to be the most popular guides because they are the cheapest.’ A back-handed compliment if ever there was one, though we modestly like to think that we’re the most up to date, accurate, and downright inspirational inland waterway guides as well. Oh, and just for the record, Welsh Waters includes the whole of the Shropshire Union; the Middlewich Branch and connecting Trent & Mersey from Anderton; the world-famous Langollen Canal; the slowly being restored Montgomery Canal; and the remarkably beautiful Monmouthsire & Brecon Canal in South Wales as well.

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