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Whale Orca 950 Bilge Pump - 12v

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Whale Orca 950 Bilge Pump - Compact and Reliable Bilge Solution

Introducing the Whale Orca 950 12v Bilge Pump, your trusted companion for maintaining a dry and safe bilge on boats of all sizes. Despite its compact size, this electric pump delivers powerful performance, ensuring your vessel is ready for action whenever you hit the water.

Key Features:

Compact and Mighty: The Whale Orca 950 may be small in size, but it packs a punch when it comes to performance. Suitable for boats of all sizes, it ensures your bilge stays dry and ready for action.

Impressive Flow Rate: This electric pump can move up to 950 gallons per hour, effortlessly handling even heavy bilge water.

Reliable Electric Operation: As an electric pump, the Orca 950 eliminates concerns about flat batteries, offering a dependable bilge pump when you need it most.

Easy Installation: Its compact design and straightforward installation make it a convenient choice for both experienced boaters and weekend adventurers.


  • Brand: Whale
  • Pump Type: Non-Automatic (requires a switch)
  • Hose Size: 25mm (1"), 28mm (1-1/8")
  • Length: 135mm
  • Height: 109mm
  • Depth: 103mm

Ensure your boat's bilge stays dry and ready for action with the Whale Orca 950 Bilge Pump. Its compact design, impressive flow rate, and electric reliability make it the perfect choice for boaters who demand performance and peace of mind. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a weekend explorer, the Orca 950 is the ideal bilge pump for your needs. Don't wait—keep your boat dry and ready by getting your Orca 950 today!

    As described, Easy purchase, Quick delivery too! Would happily buy from again!
    Robert Smith
    Managed to order online and collect instore on the same day. Great service thanks again
    Sean Smith
    Excellent service, well wrapped, rapidly mailed, happy to buy from you again!
    Peter Farnell