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Heatproof Screed - 10kg


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Vitcas® Heatproof Screed is a cement-like material which provides a protective covering for vulnerable materials which can be damaged by exposure to heat. With a maximum service temp. of 1400°C, it is more than adequate for any domestic fireplace and many other applications. Heatproof Screed is a fully blended cement with a maximum grain size of 5mm and is only to be mixed with water to a trowelling consistency.


New brickwork and surface; allow the backing material to dry fully before Vitcas Heatproof Screed is applied. Older surface; in order to provide maximum keying for Heatproof Screed, rake out any mortar joints to a depth of about 12.5mm (1/2”) and roughen the brick or stonework with a sharp tool, where necessary. Brush away any loose material. For all applications, use clean tools and mix Heatproof Screed with cold tap water, stirring to a stiff trowelling consistency. We do not recommend the addition of cement dye/ pigment. Dampen the surface slightly.  There is no upper limit to the thickness of material to be applied in one application. Trowel into position. If applicable – use a wooden frame to work to. For casting a replacement fire brick, first coat the mould (usually wooden) with vegetable oil and then trowel into the mould. Compact the material into the mould as much as possible, ideally with vibration if this is available.

The screeded surface should be allowed to cure for 24 hours preferably keeping the screed cool and wet, covering with polythene or wet rags after approximately 6 hours. The screed should then be allowed to dry out naturally for 48 hours before any heat is applied. At this point bricks can be taken out of moulds.

Drying & Curing: Pre-heating the screed is necessary to dry out all the excess moisture which is retained within it. Failure to dry out this moisture before the screed is subjected to high temperatures may result in the screed failing and, in some severe cases, the build up of pressure could cause the screed to shatter. For best results, pre-heat the screed with a very hot electric fire or fan heater placed in the grate. Alternatively, light a paper and cardboard fire in the centre of the fireplace and try to keep the flames from touching the screed. Maintain this pre-heat for a few hours, during which time a fire guard should be used. After pre-heating a conventional fire can be lit although a fire guard should still be used for the first 2 hours. Do not coat the Heatproof Screed with any material until the pre-heat process and initial firing have been completed.

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