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Whale Gulper 220 shower waste pump - 12v

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Whale Gulper 220 12V Shower Waste Pump - The Ultimate Solution for Narrowboats & Caravans

Say goodbye to shower waste hassles with the Whale Gulper 220 12V Shower Waste Pump, a reliable companion for narrowboats and caravans. Featuring innovative Gulper valve technology, this pump handles shower waste like hair and gel effortlessly, ensuring clog-free operation and hassle-free showers.

Key Features:

Gulper Valve Technology: Built on more than a decade of market-leading pump technology, the Gulper valve effortlessly manages shower waste, including hair and gel, without clogging or the need for filters.

Impressive Flow Rate: With a flow rate of up to 14 liters per minute, this pump efficiently handles waste water, ensuring your showers remain trouble-free.

Robust and Versatile: The Gulper 220 is specially designed to pump waste water, featuring a large single diaphragm and virtually non-choke valves. Its double outlet valve ensures a continuous flow, while the multi-directional head allows flexible installation.

Self-Priming: This pump can self-prime up to 3 meters (10 feet), making it suitable for installation in confined spaces, ensuring convenience and ease of setup.

Low Power Consumption: Enjoy peace of mind with low power consumption, allowing for efficient operation without draining your power supply.

Whether you're on a narrowboat or caravan adventure, the Whale Gulper 220 12V Shower Waste Pump simplifies waste management, guaranteeing a hassle-free shower experience. Its innovative technology, impressive flow rate, and versatility make it the ideal choice for your mobile living needs.

Upgrade your waste management system today and enjoy carefree showers on your narrowboat or caravan journey with the Whale Gulper 220.

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