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Battery Isolator with Removable Key and Splashproof Cover - 100A 24V


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Battery Isolator with Removable Key - The Ultimate Power Control

Ensure total control over your boat's electrical system with this robust Battery Isolator. Designed for 24V systems, this isolator offers dependable performance, enhanced safety, and convenient operation. It's the perfect addition to your marine electrical setup.

Key Features:

Removable Key: This Battery Isolator comes with a removable key, providing you with a physical means to disconnect and isolate your boat's electrical system. Simply remove the key to cut off power and prevent accidental use.

Splashproof Cover: The isolator features a splashproof cover, protecting it from water and moisture. This ensures reliable performance even in wet and challenging marine conditions.

IP66 Protection: With an IP66 rating, this isolator is highly resistant to dust and water ingress. It can withstand tough marine environments, including saltwater exposure.

Ample Capacity: The isolator is designed to handle fuses up to 10 amps with a 32mm rating. This capacity allows you to manage your electrical circuits effectively and safely.

Durable Construction: Crafted from polybutylene and featuring PVC grommets and a nitrile "O" ring, this isolator is built to last. It can withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment.

Easy to Use: Operating this Battery Isolator is simple and straightforward. Insert or remove the key as needed to control power to your boat's electrical systems.

Enhance the safety and control of your boat's electrical system with this Battery Isolator. Whether you need to cut power during maintenance or isolate specific circuits, this isolator is a reliable and durable choice. Its removable key, splashproof cover, and IP66 protection make it ideal for marine use. Invest in the safety and performance of your boat's electrical system with this Battery Isolator today.

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