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A30-U3 Controller Voltage Relay Solar Controller

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Operating power is DC 6 to 80V, contact load is 30A, 250V AC or 30V DC. High quality voltage monitoring relay is durable, and features fast reaction times, making it more efficient.
Supports on delay and off delay mode, the delay time can be adjusted from 0s to 999s.
Provides 4 operating modes: P-1, relay close delay time and display off setting; P-2, voltage control timer A (delay on); P-3, voltage control timer B (delay off); and P-4, voltage range control.
It has a voltage detection channel, a set of relay switch output(normally open and normally close), the time relay can be controlled by voltage detection to achieve a variety of functions.
Can be used in voltage monitoring, charging and discharging control, overvoltage and undervoltage protection and other fields.
A Set of Conversion: normally open and normally close
Contact Load:
NO: 30A/250V AC or 30A/30V DC
NC: 20A/250V AC or 20A/30V DC
*Attention: because high voltage DC electric arc damages relay contact, so the electric load above DC 60V load current is less than 10A.
Contact Resistance: 100m (1A, 6V DC)
Mechanical Durability: 10 millions
Electricity Durability: > 100,000 (10A to 250V AC)
Set display off, the minimum current value is 4mA/24V(relay open).
The settings automatically saves after power off.
Material: ABS
Color: Blue
Output Timer Range: 0 to 999 seconds (when the voltage reaches the set value, relay will delay to open or close)
Detection Samping Delay: 0.1 to 0.9 seconds (detection sensitivity)
Voltage Detect Range: DC 0 to 99.9V, error: ±0.1V
Voltage Upper and Lower Limit Adjustable: DC 0 to 99.9V
Operating Power: DC 6 to 80V (60V battery at maximum)
Item Size: 9.4*5.2*3cm / 3.7*2.04*1.18in
Package Size: 9.5*6*3cm / 3.74*2.36*1.18in
Package Weight: 92g / 3.24oz
Packing List:
1 * Voltage Relay

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