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12V Voltage Sensitive Relay - 140A


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12V Voltage Sensitive Relay - Efficient Dual Battery Management

The 12V Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) with a rating of 140A is an essential component for efficient dual battery management in your boat. It's designed to intelligently control the charging and discharging of your battery banks, ensuring your primary/start battery remains protected.

Key Features:

Dual Battery Management: This VSR allows for the seamless and automatic management of two battery banks. It ensures that the secondary battery bank is charged without drawing power from the primary/start battery, preventing accidental discharge.

Red LED Indicator: The built-in red LED indicator provides a clear visual signal, indicating the status of the relay and the charging process, helping you monitor your electrical system.

Voltage Activation: The relay activates at 13.3 volts, which means it engages when the charging voltage from your alternator or other power source reaches this level. It disengages at 12.65 volts, preventing over-discharge of your primary battery.

Compact Design: With dimensions of L 68mm x W 54mm x H 68mm, this VSR is compact and easy to install, making it suitable for various boat setups.

CE Approved: The VSR is CE approved, ensuring its compliance with safety and quality standards.

Efficiently manage your dual battery setup and protect your primary/start battery with the 12V Voltage Sensitive Relay. Whether you're running accessories on your boat or need a reliable backup power source, this VSR ensures your batteries are used effectively and that you're always ready to power your adventures on the water.

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