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12V Extra Heavy Duty Make/Break Relay - 120A

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12V Extra Heavy Duty Make/Break Relay - 120A: Power and Reliability for Your Electrical System

The 12V Extra Heavy Duty Make/Break Relay with a rating of 120A is designed to provide robust and reliable power control for your 12V electrical system. With its sturdy construction and versatile terminals, it's an essential component for various applications on your boat.

Key Features:

High Amperage Rating: This relay is capable of handling heavy electrical loads with a rating of 120A, making it suitable for applications that require substantial power, such as winches, lighting systems, or high-capacity pumps.

Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of marine environments, this relay is constructed with quality materials to ensure longevity and reliable performance even in demanding conditions.

Multiple Terminals: The relay features 2 x 6.3mm terminals and 2 x M6 stud terminals, providing flexibility for connecting various electrical components and accessories.

12V Compatibility: Designed for use with 12-volt electrical systems commonly found in boats and vehicles, this relay is a versatile solution for controlling power distribution.

Mounting Bracket: The included mounting bracket ensures secure installation, allowing you to position the relay conveniently within your electrical system.

Whether you need to control winches, lights, or other high-amperage devices, the 12V Extra Heavy Duty Make/Break Relay offers the power and reliability you need to keep your boat's electrical system running smoothly. With its robust construction and ample amperage capacity, it's a valuable addition to any marine electrical setup.

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